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Architectural Questions

Yes. Architectural changes made to the outside of your home- adding a new fence, painting your home, etc.- must be formally requested. You can do this by submitting an Architectural Committee request form, sometimes called an ARC or ACC form.

We ask that homeowners allow at least 30 days for an Architectural Request to be processed. This is because board members have to review the forms and sign-off on them, which may take some time- board members are homeowners just like you, with families and full-time jobs, and are not paid for their role on the board of directors.

Violation Questions

To report a pet for being off leash, not cleaned up after, or any other pet infraction, you have to have to be able to identify the pets owner or their address. Otherwise, there is very little we can do. Unless you can provide this information, pet-related complaints should be directed to municipal animal control services.

For all violations that are sent to us, they are immediately redirected to the community manager. From there, it may be a few days for a notice to be sent to the homeowner responsible for the violation, who will then need to resolve the violation or face further fines and escalation, which could result in legal action. Individuals that report a violation will not be given any information about whether the violation was addressed or resolved.

Account Information Questions

To change your mailing address, send an email with your account number and new address to

To update your property information, you will need to change this information on your deed (this would be the deed for your home, NOT the warranty deed associated with your mortgage). Once this is done, email your request with the updated deed to

If you are a spouse of the deceased, send a copy of the death certificate to

If you are the executor, please send a copy of your Letter of Testamentary to

If you deposited a check and it cleared, send a front/back photo of the check to If it has not cleared, do NOT place a stop payment, as you could potentially be issued a return fee of $20.

If your association is leaving Hawthorne Management Company, you won’t have to do anything. ACH will be terminated for the whole community.

Yes. If you have ACH set up, cancel this by emailing If you have BillPay set up through your financial institution, you will need to contact them to cancel this.

Account Information Questions

- Log in and click Your Name in the upper right hand corner and select "Switch Account" in the drop down. In the new pop up window, select "Register an Additional Property" at the bottom and complete the registration for your other account.
-To switch to your other account, please click Your Name in the upper right hand corner and select "Switch Account" in the drop down.

-Log in and go to Account information. In the drop down menu, select My Profile and scroll down to the middle of the page where email address and password are listed.

-Log in to your account and go to “Contact Us”. This message will go directly to your property manager.

-Please email Include your property address as well as the address you would like to receive your mail.

-Please log in to your account and go to Community Information. In the drop down menu select Documents. Please click on the folder to view the contents.

-No, please log in to your account and update the amount using edit.

-Log in to your account and go to Pay Assessments at the top. Scroll down to Recurring Payments and click edit. Please scroll up to view pop-up box. Please change the amount and click save. *If a red stop sign is beside your phone number please delete it and type it in again with no parenthesis or dashes.

-Log in to your account select Pay Assessments at the top. Scroll down to Recurring Payments and click delete.

-Yes, a third party echeck processing fee of $1.99 will be applied at the time of payment. Credit card fees are based on your payment amount. If a change is made to your recurring payment ie. a date change, amount change or a new recurring payment; a fee will be applied.

-Email or call (704) 377-0114 and ask for your community manager or administrator.